• CAPITAL: Kiev
  • POPULATION: 45.490.000
  • ADDRESS: 2/4 Tserkovna St, Odesa, 65003
  • WEB: Visit website

State Body «Ukrainian 1.1. Mechnikov Anti-Plague Research Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine» is a leading research institution in Ukraine on epidemiology, microbiology, epizootology of especially dangerous infections, biological safety and biological security.
Primary objective and scope of the institute’s activity are:

  • Implementation of state policy for healthcare that stipulates the performance of scientific research
  • Render organizational and methodological as well as consultative support to healthcare system institutions and organizations with regard to biological safety, biological security, response to biological threat factors related with dangerous, especially dangerous and new infectious diseases.

National Focal PointSupervisor Dr. Roman RODYNA
National Focal Point Alternate : Ms. Nataliya NIZOVA
Supervisor: Dr. Roman RODYNA
Fellow: Dr. Oksana ARTEMCHUK – MediPIET Summary report of work activities
Fellow: Dr. Oleksandr MATSKOV