The Observatory of New and Emerging Diseases was created in 2008. The principal mission is the implementation of an early warning system according to « New and Emerging diseases ».

  • Detect public health events requiring rapid investigation and response
  • Reinforce surveillance and response system of the national surveillance system: including Risk assessment, Identify effective prevention measures, Training in field epidemiology, Research activities, National surveys, among others.
  • Scientific monitoring: Collect and analyze available data on new and emerging diseases to identify potential threats
  • Epidemiological surveillance: Promote the ability of the national epidemiological surveillance system in the areas of early detection, rapid response and investigation
  • Microbiological monitoring: Rapid identification of microbial strains responsible for new and emerging diseases
  • International surveillance: Collect data on the situation of new and emerging diseases worldwide, including those with epidemic potential
  • Climate monitoring: Integrating monitoring of climatic factors with health effects
  • GIS: Implement geographic information systems integrating environmental and climate data
  • Sociological monitoring: Collect data and conduct studies on the habits, the emerging social determinants of behavior
  • Entomological monitoring: Collect data on emerging vectors and develop a risk mapping
  • Training in the field of Epidemiology, risk assessment and management
  • Contribute to the dissemination of valid and relevant information in the field of new and emerging diseases
  • Develop a proactive partnership with the media and communication specialists

National Focal Point Supervisor: Dr. Nissaf Bouafif Ben Alaya BOUAFIF
Supervisor: Dr. Hédia BELLALI
Fellow: Dr. Molka OSMAN
Former Fellow: Dr. Héjer LETAIEF MRAD
Former Fellow: Dr. Salsabil RJAIBI
Former Fellow: Dr. Hind BOUGUERRA
Former Fellow: Dr. Aicha LAHCHAICHI