Institute of Public Health of Serbia “Dr Milan Jovanović Batut” was established on the Republic level and represents an expert institution for Public Health, which provides advice, support and guidance for the Serbian government and all departments for public health and conducts independent researches on issues related to public health in Serbia. The activity of the Institute is defined by the Health Care law which under public health considers realization  of  public interest by creating conditions for the preservation of public health through organized comprehensive social activity aimed at preserving the physical and mental health, and environmental protection, and prevention of risk factors for disease and injuries, which is accomplished by application of health technologies and measures aimed at promoting health, preventing disease and improving quality of life. Regarding that, Institute´s main areas of activity are: analysis, planning and organization of health care, information with biostatistics, health promotion, control and disease prevention, hygiene and human ecology and microbiology.

The main tasks of the Institute are:

  • health analysis and planning that includes monitoring the health issues, reporting on health and planning health services, analysis of health risks in the community and supporting the improvement of quality of care;
  • collecting data on health and health care use within the jurisdiction of national statistics, maintenance of databases on the resources of health care system, providing data from population studies and providing health information for the effective coverage of health intended for government agencies and the public;
  • health promotion in community, health education and health care of vulnerable population groups and groups with special needs;
  • Control and prevention of infectious and noninfectious diseases, and maintaining and improving readiness in emergency cases;
  • monitoring of environmental risks on the health of the population, controlling  the food safety, the safety of water, sanitary inspection and hygiene standards control;
  • public health microbiology and clinical microbiology.

National Focal Point: Dr. Dragan ILIC
National Focal Point Alternate: Dr. Danijela SIMIC
Supervisor: Dr. Mitra DRAKULOVIC
Supervisor: Dr. Anita GRGUREVIC
Fellow: Dr. Dragana STOSOVIC
Former Fellow: Dr. Dragana PLAVSA
Former Fellow: Dr. Milunka MILINKOVIC