Republic of North Macedonia

  • CAPITAL: Skopje
  • POPULATION: 2.016.000
  • ADDRESS: Str. 50 Division No.6, Skopje. Phone : (02) 3125 044
  • WEB: Visit website

Institute of public health of Macedonia (IPH) was founded in 1924. IPH is a leading scientific institution of tertiary level for specialised preventive healthcare in Macedonia, teaching basis of the Medical Faculty for subjects of public health and center of researches for health conditions, identifying causes for occurrence and spread of communicable and non-communicable diseases, environmental factors and take measures for preventing and improving the population health.

National Focal Point: Dr. Shaban MEMETI
National Focal Point Alternate: Dr. Erjona SHAKJIRI
Supervisor: Dr. Gordana KUZMANOVSKA
Supervisor: Dr. Vesna VELIKJ STEFANOVSKA
Supervisor + Former Fellow: Dr Vladimir MIKIC
Fellow: Dr Enkela POLLOZHANI
Former Fellow: Dr. Dragan KOCHINSKI
Former Fellow: Dr. Largime BALLAZHI
Former Fellow: Dr. Kristina STAVRIDIS