Palestine decided to establish a Palestinian National Institute of Public Health (PNIPH) in 2011. The PNIPH is undertaking health surveillance, data analysis and research in order to provide science-based information and advice on health issues to the Palestine and Palestinian civil society. It will also have a role in training and capacity building for the health sector and is acting as a bridge between health researchers in the academic community and decision-makers in Palestine.
PNIPH seeks to achieve several objectives, including:

  • Provide objective facts and recommendations for decision- makers on methods to improve the public health.
  • Spread the practice of using scientifically proven information in setting health policies and in defining priorities in the field of public health.
  • Develop and create health registries and surveillance systems, and support the use of national health information.
  • Build capacities and competences in fields of scientific research, analysis of health management systems and preparedness in the health sector and others.
  • Serve as a point of communication between specialists and researchers in public health to exchange experiences and information.
  • Support cooperative relationships between institutions working in the field of public health, locally, regionally and internationally.

National Focal Point: MS. Maria AL-AQRA
Supervisor: Dr. Diaa O. H. HJAIJA
Fellow: Dr. Samir SAWALHA – MediPIET Summary report of work activities
Fellow: Dr. Khalid KHAROUF

** This designation shall not be construed as recognition of a State of Palestine and is without prejudice to the individual positions of the Member States on this issue