• CAPITAL: Chișinău
  • POPULATION: 3.559.000
  • WEB: Visit website

The National Center for Public Health (NCPH) is a scientific and applied institution directly subordinated to the Ministry of Health. The Centre monitors and assesses public health and healthcare systems, and on evidence base approach providing support for public health legal framework development. The NCPH is responsible for most of the public health core functions at the national level, including development and monitoring of implementation of legislative and regulatory framework for public health; ensure management of epidemiological surveillance of communicable diseases and early warning and response system; surveillance of noncommunicable with identification of community health problems; preparedness and response to public health emergencies; health promotion and communication; organization and deliver quality control program for laboratories, serving as a reference laboratory; collaborates with relevant international organizations and public health services; serves as a training center for undergraduate and postgraduate continuing professional training; performs public health-related research.

National Focal Point: Dr. Stela GHEORGHITA
National Focal Point Alternate + Supervisor: Dr. Natalia CATERINCIUC
Supervisor: Dr. Nicolae FORTUNA
Fellow: Dr. Alina DRUC
Former Fellow: Dr. Alexei CEBAN
Former Fellow: Dr. Dumitru CAPMARI