The Epidemiology Surveillance Program at the Ministry of Public Health (Esumoh), Esumoh was first created in 1995, as one component of the World Bank project for rehabilitation of the health sector in Lebanon after the civil war. The main objective was to support the MOPH public functions in re-activating surveillance of mandatory communicable diseases. Notification of communicable diseases was already stated by he Law on communicable diseases issued in 1957. Since 2000, the Esumoh was integrated within the MOPH architecture: additional staff was recruited and peripheral teams were designated. Moreover the functions were expanded including diseases surveillance, outbreak detection and investigation, public workforce capacity building, contribution to WHO/GOARN field missions. In 2014, the Esumoh is declared as MediPIET pilot training site. The supervisors are Dr Nada Ghosn and Dr Ghada Abou Mrad. The MediPIET fellows enrolled in the first 2 cohorts are Mrs Nadine Haddad, Mrs Hala Abou Naja, Ms Majd Saleh and Ms Zeina Farah. The MediPIET national committee includes as experts Dr Rita Feghali (Lebanese University), Dr Ziad Khatib (Balamand University), and Dr Iman Abbas (national CBRN task force).

National Focal Point Supervisor Dr. Nada GHOSN
Supervisor: Dr Ghada ABOU MOURAD
Fellow: Dr Riham Hassam BASSAM
Former Fellow:  Dr. Hala ABOU NAJA
Former Fellow: Dr . Nadine HADDAD
Former Fellow: Dr . Zeina FARAH
Former Fellow: Dr . Majd SALEH