• APITAL Tbilisi
  • POPULATION 4.477.000
  • ADDRESS 9 Mikheil Asatiani St, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • WEB Visit website

National Center for Disease Control and Public Health is a state institution, under Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Affairs.

Major fields of activities:

  • Public Health State Programs: Immunization, safe blood, TB, HIV/AIDC, Screening, Surveillance, Mother and Child health, Occupational Health;
  • Communicable Diseases Surveillance: Vaccine-preventable, Influenza, air-borne, water-borne and food-borne, nosocomial, vector-borne, parasitic, zoonotic, especially dangerous pathogens, viral hepatitis, STI/HIV / TB;
  • Non-communicable Diseases Surveillance: Cardiovascular, Cancer, Diabetes, CRDs, Risk-Factors, Health Promotion, Behavioral Health;
  • Environmental Health;
  • Medical Statistics;
  • Public Health Laboratories and their network coverage.

National Focal Point: Dr. Paata IMNADZE
National Focal Point Alternate + Supervisor: Dr. Nana MEBONIA
Supervisor: Dr Ekaterine RUADZE
Fellow: Ms Ekaterine JABIDZE
Fellow: Ms. Mariam PASHALISHVILI