The Medipiet’s fellows graduation ceremony took place on the 28th October 2021 online from 09:30 to 13:00hrs (CET). This event was originally planned to take place face-to-face at the end of the P-74 CBRN CoE project. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was reoriented to be carried out online with pre-recorded parts and live moments to ease the participation of all the involved people. The MediPIET Cohort 3 fellows were the protagonists and the focus of this event, and all of those that have contributed: supervisors, scientific coordinators, training institutions, donors and other stakeholders were there to accompany them in this public and online event. LINK TO THE VIDEO

As part of the two-year on-the-job training programme, the end of the process included the organization of a Graduation Ceremony (GC) and it was made with the aim to acknowledge the conclusion of the training process of the fellows.

The GC aim was to award and congratulate the fellows with all assignments completed, in successfully acquiring the foreseen knowledge, skills and attitudes and to acknowledge their supervisors, scientific coordinators, their hosting institutions and stakeholders involved for the efforts done in their on-job training process during these difficult and challenging times.

This Online Graduation Ceremony was organized by Instituto de Salud Carlos III with the support of DG-INTPA, ECDC and the MediPIET team. We would like to specially acknowledge the efforts done at country level by the National Points and Supervisors, the fellows, and the National institutions as well as the EU Delegations that collaborated to organize the In-countries Graduation Ceremonies.

The Mediterranean and Black Sea field epidemiology training programme “MediPIET” is a CBRN CoE Project 74 – 2018/400-697. Within the framework of the EU CBRN Risk Mitigation Centres of Excellence (CoE) initiative, Europe-Aid-DEVCO funds MediPIET ( to increase security in the EU neighbourhood. Building on the success of the previous MediPIET phase 2014-2017, this project supports capacity building for the prevention and control of natural and man-made health threats through a regional training programme in intervention epidemiology.

Furthermore, the MediPIET project aims at consolidating an efficient workforce with the necessary competence in intervention epidemiology to carry out essential public health functions for the prevention and control of national and cross-border challenges posed by communicable diseases. In detail, expected results are as follows: (i) Enhanced field epidemiology training capacity in participating countries; (ii) Enhanced capacities in public health institutions to train their workforce and collaborate with regional networks; (iii) Increased capacity of exchanging public health knowledge and methodologies between non-EU countries and EU partners; (iv) Sustainable country capacity and regional networking to deal with health security challenges.

The project is implemented throughout 2019-2021 by The Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISCIII) as contractor, supported by a Consortium with the Fundación Estatal Salud, Infancia y Bienestar social (FCSAI). It extends over the non-EU countries covered by the EU Enlargement and European Neighbourhood policies: Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Georgia, Jordan, Kosovo1, Lebanon, Libya, Moldova, Montenegro, Morocco, Palestine2, Serbia, the Republic of North Macedonia, Tunisia, and Ukraine. Additionally, Israel and Turkey participate in the project with an observer status.