The Project Review Module (PRM) is a training exercise for reviewing a fellow’s project (MediPIET assignment) and for preparing participants to present their findings and messages to a large audience.

This training provides specific tools and hints on how to present orally a project and its findings in a limited amount of time, using the most appropriate support to efficiently convey the selected message(s). In a broader sense, it allows participants to prepare for an oral communication at any conference.

The training is based on an open peer-reviewed process, where participants also develop skills to provide constructive feedback in the most useful way for the receiver. Furthermore, participants should also make use of the feedback received to improve their presentations and projects.

This is the last module of the aforementioned project implemented between 2019 and 2021.

A module like this one was implemented during the month of July 2020.

Overall objectives and competences to be achieved after taking the course


  • Objectives in knowledge (“knowing”)

Choose the main results/message(s) to include according to the limited amount of time available – prepare a Single Overarching Communication Outcome (SOCO).

  • Objectives in skills (“know-how”)

Prepare a scientific abstract presenting their work.

Prepare an effective PowerPoint presentation for an international conference.

Use the most appropriate visual aids to convey their message(s)

  • Objectives of the area of (social) attitudes (“personal commitment”)

Provide and accept scientific critiques and suggestions for improvement,

Formulate public health relevant recommendations based on the findings of their work, especially those that may have policy and/or public health implications.

Respond to several questions related to their communication(s), explain, defend, and justify their choices and engage in scientific argumentation.